The Connection Between A Coke And Relationships Essay

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Besides the connection between a coke and relationships, I saw this technique very ironic because in culture individuals create a symbolic meaning and message to certain objects. On the other hand, Coca-Cola used this technique to their own advantage to implicate a new type of culture that exists between their products and the humans with ethnicities, giving off an essence of wholeheartedness. The company is effectual in branding out more than others because it is effective in protecting social connections and creating a better community. For instance, they moved one step further than just having individual’s name on a coke by putting labels of happiness and family to evoke positive emotions to their consumers. Overall, I saw Coca-Cola’s unique advertising technique of appealing to emotions as being culturally-related since their label portrays individuality, an intrinsic atmosphere and symbolism. In other cases, it may use words or phrases to convince their viewers that they have experienced what their viewers experienced and manipulate the viewers to believe that they are professionals in those specific situations. This technique allows advertisements to sell cosmetic products and infomercial products because they give a solution to a problem that the marketing producers created in the first place. In fact, advertisements create standards of human perfection and social norms that are impossible to reach by objectifying famous models or other endorsements of influential
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