Happiness Vs Happiness

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Happiness is a state of being that depends on the subjective perception of the individuals. That subjectivity in perception makes happiness an abstract state of mind which is easily influenced through basic peripheral pleasures. Pleasure may be instant or prospective in nature, but the emotion that is derived out of that pleasure is what makes one happy. Happiness may be a goal that is set by a person to be achieved or it may be the feeling that comes after he/she achieves a target. Most of the times it is the latter option that drives an individual to attain the state of happiness. The world has evolved to be so materialistic in nature that the individuals draw pleasure from material things. Happiness for them is to satisfy their instant …show more content…

Happiness comes from internal peace and acceptance. People who are not at peace or those who have not accepted their self are always devoid of internal happiness. An optimistic nature is inherently required for internal peace and happiness. The goal of an individual should always be a motivated purpose rather than momentary satisfaction of desires because the achievement of that goal makes people happy not the transitory deflection that they opt to equate with happiness. All human beings naturally desire happiness in their lives. Socrates said that happiness is attainable through human effort. It depends not on external senses, but how those senses are used. He further says that happiness is the redirecting of bodily desires to the knowledge of love and virtue. Virtue and happiness are intimately linked, such that it would be impossible to have one without the other. The pleasures that result from pursuing virtue and knowledge are of a higher quality than the pleasures resulting from satisfying mere animal desires.
Aristotle, an ancient Greek philosopher, said that the ultimate or supreme goal of life is the ‘happiness’. According to him, every individual has a purpose of life and this purpose that he has to achieve is happiness. A person may on his path of this attainment come across other ends that are pleasurable and may in a way give him happiness but is

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