Haramb's Life Case Study

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Harambe’s Life Harambe is a kind and very calm, But he gets stressed when parents drop their kids into his habitat . He gets really annoyed when it happens it has happened over 20 times but he ignored them all the time Harambe was chilling with his Banana friend Bob. Bob is pretty gucci but he be wearing them what are those shoes, but he is Harambe’s fam. Bob said,” Look at that kid at the edge.” Normally Harambe wouldn’t care but the other kids that fell were 10 or older but this kid looked like 5-7 years old. Harambe said,”Uh Oh.” Harambe is just wondering where his parents is at, But then he realize that he’s going to fall. The kid then falls, Harambe goes over there to check if the kid was okay. When he goes over there people started yelling and started to record him. Then he hears a gun get cocked Harambe panics and takes the kid…show more content…
Harambe has one last conversation with Bob. Harambe says to Bob,” This is crazy they trying to shoot me when it wasn’t my fault that the kid fell i’m not even attacking the kid.” Bob says,” I think their gonna shoot you fam.” Harambe is still staring at the kid wondering how did this happen. He mad because he’s about to die and it’s all gonna be the kid’s fault that he gonna die. The a gunshot roars over the crowd. Harambe lying there bleeding out. They crowd is silent now they are all staring at a tragic moment. Looking at this horrific view. Harambe’s death is all over the world everyone is blaming the kid’s parents for not taking care of their child. He was a caring gorilla, he was the nicest gorrilla. They blamed for something he wasn’t going to do the didn’t know that he was gonna hurt the kid they can’t predict the future. The worst part he’s body was never buried his body was donated to science which is
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