Hardships In My Life

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Growing up my life has been filled with countless blessings. I have four siblings. Two brothers and two sisters; thankfully I have known my parents my whole life. My father and mother both worked a lot when I was younger, leaving my older siblings to babysit the younger ones. My father had a job in Cleveland and would come to visit us in Columbus whenever he was off. Sometimes I wouldn’t see my dad for months because he worked so hard to make ends meet. Because of this, he wouldn’t have his health get in the way of working. Months would go by before I could see him again and that took a tole on me emotionally. My dad was a heavy smoker and was addicted to nicotine. Whenever he didn’t have a cigarette he was like an angry …show more content…

One thing I realized was the way my father left was the same way that killed him. Smoking a great deal of cigarettes and working a wad amount of hours. I don’t think I ever went through the final stages of grief. When you have something that bad happen in your life, you never get over it. This experience in my life will change me in ways I can’t explain.
My mother on the other hand dealt with my father's passing very differently. She was concealed from her emotions and I think that mostly has to tie in with how she grew up. In the Somali community parents don’t show affection towards their feelings or that vulnerable part of their life and I know she did it for the better. I’m not really certain on her grieving stages, but I know she dealt with it in her own way. My little brother was seven years old when our dad passed. He didn’t understand what was happening. The way he dealt with the change was the same way when our father was alive. In his mind he thought my dad was at work, in Cleveland. He had lost such an important figure in his life and that will change him permanently.
I didn't let my father’s tragedy impact the way I viewed the rest of my life. From the mistakes that he made I know my siblings and I will never go in his path. I had to move on and create a healthier lifestyle for myself if I truly want to be a part of my own children’s lives. From that day on I took my education more seriously and worked

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