Hardships In My Life

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Everyone has had a setback, hardship, throughout their life at some point. There have been times in our lives as humans where we hit those hardships that gave us every reason in the world to hide our tail and run. Times so hard to where you just throw your hands up and just pray for help, or shout “If I get myself out of this, I will never get into a predicament like this again. I personally relish these opportunities now that I’m older because I feel as though these are the things that make us stronger and make us better men and women. It's just like your initial workout in a workout plan that you’ve developed, when you wake up the following morning, you are terribly sore, but in the back of your mind you realize that you just got stronger. See for me, one of my hardships as a youth was the environment I grew up in, a crime ridden and a drug infested neighborhood in Mobile, Alabama. Seeing body bags and at a young age was traumatizing, and gun shots later on became the norm, I asked my mom, why? Why doesn’t anyone get up and see where it came from? She replied “Son gunshots in the area we live are as common as a doorbell ringing” as she sighed as we both looked outside of our window blinds and glanced at the Toulminville (community) streets. I said to myself ,“If I get myself out of this, I will never get into a predicament like this again.” I didn’t want to become a product of my environment, or be a kid sitting on the corner that didn't have a future ahead.

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