Essay about Harriet Tubman, A Strong Woman Who Helped Many to Freedom

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Harriet Tubman

In the 18th century before the civil war. Slavery was based on the color of your skin.

It was a very difficult life for people who are not white in some states.People believe that everyone should follow and fight for what they believe is best for their life .“Oh lord , if you ain’t never going to change that man`s heart ,kill him lord ,and take him out of the way “, Those were words of Harriet tubman ,who suffered throughout her life especially in her childhood ,but she was brave and strong enough to become a hero by freeing more than 300 slaves ,and becoming an abolitionist .

Firstly, I will describe Tubman’s early life.Born Araminta Ross , c, 1820 in Dorchester County Maryland,She later changed her name …show more content…

She was helping with all her ability .Harriet was the first African American woman who lead an armed raid .In early 1862 Harriet joined northern abolitionists in support of union action at port Royal South Carolina .After the civil war Tubman returned to Auburn , New York

She started a new career as a community

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