Harriet Tubman And Frederick Douglass

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Abolitionism is a movement that deals with racial inequalities in early America and slavery. This movement impacted the economy, because people wanted to keep slaves around to use them in the south, which has an agriculturally based economy. Leaders like Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, and William Lloyd Garrison were instrumental in freeing the black slaves and helping draw attention to the grave inequalities between the races in the United States. Through Harriet Tubman’s growth from a slave to a “criminal” who helped free over 300 hundred slaves in her lifetime, and Frederick Douglass’s amazing literary works which were inspired by his life, such as, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American slave, which truly showed …show more content…

In around 1844, Harriet became married to a free man named John Tubman, despite her marriage for two more years she lived with her owner at the time, Dr. Thompson. After her master had died, she promptly left the plantation, seeing as though the slaves had been freed in a will a long while back. “Harriet resolved not be sold, and so, with no knowledge of the North- having only heard of Pennsylvania and New Jersey- she walked away one night alone.” After reaching her new home of Philadelphia she found work, yet decided to travel to Maryland to find her husband, how upon her arrival, she discovered had married another woman. Seeing as though her domestic life with this man would not work out, so from approximately 1845 to 1860 she helped escort approximately 50 to 60 slaves to freedom. Thomas Garret, in a letter, is quoted saying, “No slave who placed himself under her care, was ever arrested that I have heard of; she mostly had her regular stopping places on her route; but in one instance, when she had two stout men with her, some 30 miles below here, she said that God told her to stop, which she did; and then asked him what she must do.”Harriet remarked that God guided her on her path, she followed his directions to guide her and the people she was escorting to safety. It is said that to the people she escorted, sometimes all the way to Canada, “Harriet was their good

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