Harvard Business Review: Lady Gaga (B)

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Lady Gaga is a singer, songwriter that has recently reached superstar status. Her footprint began within the music industry in 2008 and since then, she has become a household name. However, music is not the only entity that makes Lady Gaga a household name. Because her artistic nature goes beyond creating music, brands have sought her creative talent. She had a hand in designing headphones created by a legendary artist and producer (France, 2009), and has designed Polaroid Products like camera glasses and an instant digital camera ("Lady gaga named," 2010). Lady Gaga also has a brand partnership with mobile telephone network operator, Virgin Mobile and is a contributor to the MAC Cosmetics’ Viva Glam advertising campaign (Vena, 2010). …show more content…
They also must consider the risk of uncontrollable circumstances. For example, concerts canceled due to venue or weather issues. It is imperative to identify the target audience of Gaga and the current environment capable of promoting a steady growth for new Lady Gaga fans who will patronize seats for a new concert. Based on her popularity and ability to fill up “mega” venues during her Monster’s Ball Tour, Carter could look at additional venues that support larger crowds and consider cities that Lady Gaga has yet to perform.
Section III: Secondary Problems While reaching superstar status within the music industry presents multiple challenges, activities behind the scenes are what makes or breaks an artist. The level of collaboration involved in producing an album or hosting a tour is equally critical as Lady Gaga remembering the words to her songs. With any success story, long hours and hard work are always involved. Lady Gaga would not want her team overworked, without rewarding results. Lady Gaga’s team has what it takes to have an off the charts album.
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They must first decide whether concert-ticket sales or recorded-music sales are more important in launching her new album and forwarding her music career. In a sense, Lady Gaga’s compelling image is congruent with her music, which led her career to skyrocket.
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