Harvesters Judgement Act Analysis

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Social Legislation at the turn of the twentieth century made Australia a more reformed and progressive nation as a whole. Social Legislation was the result of Federation and made Australia more developed compared to other countries as their identity was stronger and Australia had a high standard of living at the time. Social legislation had three main acts which were Harvester Judgement (1907), Invalid and Old Age Pensions (1908) and Maternity Allowance (1912), these schemes mainly benefited white Australians. The Harvesters judgement act was established in 1907 and was made so male workers would have an appropriate wage that could support their wife and three children. It was created by Justice Henry Bourne Higgens who was the president of the commonwealth conciliation and arbitration court at the time. Before the act workers would work very long hours with very little pay. Working conditions were hard and dangerous and due to the low wage protective clothing and hygiene was an issue. In the 1890's there were industrial disputes due to conditions and wage which as a result meant that the new federal government at the time of federation had to resolve this without turning to violence. In conclusion they found wage the biggest issue after listening to worker’s testimony’s about their issues. It was only fair that a minimum wage was to be made which consisted of seven shillings a day or 42 a week which is roughly $4.20. This was the first time that employers were

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