Having a Chicken Farm

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There will never be an end to the discussion as to who cooked the first chicken; and whether it was fried, roasted, or a soup. What we do know for a fact is that if chickens were to arm themselves with guns and nuclear weapons (provided they know how to use them well), there would be a good chance of them taking over the world. Let us hope that they’re not reading this! Yes, there are more chickens than humans. And no, they are not taking over the world. At least, not yet. How did it happen? The Chicken Farm Throughout the centuries, man has realized his delight in chickens. We’ve grown fond of their taste. Kings and paupers have always dreamed of their next chicken meal. From a child’s craving to a man’s last meal, chickens have become the fulfillment of a wish. And of course, man has always looked for more. Chicken fanatics would go around the world in search of a better chicken. Farms were set to raise up this bird to keep humans sane. Until now, the search has not stopped. The chase continues. Hence, more farms are being built. The chicken empire has begun. You might be thinking of the boring, mundane life on a chicken farm. How tedious it is to wake up in the morning and put feeds in a container, then feed them to those alarm clocks. How at a certain speed (nine miles an hour), they would gather and eat, with much noise of course. The routine continues, and so are their occasional calls within the day. You hear them from the moment you wake up (that is, if

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