Hazards Of Industrial Kitchens Vs. Street Food Vendors

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hazards pertaining to industrial kitchens compared to street food vendors.
The study conducts research on the significance of food safety checks and hazard control in industrial restaurants compared to the lack of food safety in the street food market. The issue of food safety is of global importance due to the increasing number of food borne illnesses, that are proved to damage one’s health or can also be fatal. Established hotels with industrial restaurants and professional restaurants, usually have a food safety certificate to show that they are approved by the ISO and HAACP standards. On the other hand, this project focuses on the adverse side pertaining to the street food market. These independent and self-sufficient vendors usually do not have any license or government permit, which means that they are not obliged by any food safety rule. Many studies have been conducted on the ill effects of street food by looking at the cases of the consumers that have fallen sick due to the stale or contaminated ingredients in their food.
1.1) Rationale for Topic
This topic selected is in relation to the hospitality industry, highlighting the safety standards of a kitchen that every hotel company needs to maintain to be fit to run according to the International Organization for Standardisation (ISO). It is contrasted to the lower health standards to that of street food stalls, emphasising on the need for hygiene in a kitchen. I personally feel that the research on this project

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