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Discussion During the female reproductive cycles, E2 promotes salivary glands growth and mediates changes in chemical saliva components 43 owed that to the presence of ER-β 10 and ER-α 11 in the Pg of adult female rat. Therefore, we appointed on the Pg of adult female albino rats to investigate the influence of abrupt E2 deficiency via ovariectomy and the potential therapeutic roles of hUCB-MSCs on its architecture. Our microscopical observations of the glandular architecture showed numerous intracytoplasmic vacuoles in acinar cells of OVX rats. Similar atrophic changes in the Pg were reported in radiated rat 5 and after bilateral ovariectomy 44. The cellular vacuolization is considered by Myers and McGavin 45 as an early sign of …show more content…

Recently, therapeutic approach via stem cells has successfully been used in many disorders as radiation-damaged rat salivary glands 5. In the current work, we chose hUCB-MSCs to treat the OVX-induced damaged Pg due to their unique biological characteristics. They are more advantageous than bone marrow-MSCs as they are younger and have a wider differentiation capability 50. After hUCB-MSCs injection in this study, we observed the apparently normal of acinar cells and striated ducts in H&E stained sections. In addition to, the increased proliferative cells and decreased apoptotic cells in the immunostained sections may suggest that MSCs can act through paracrine mechanisms via anti-apoptotic factors including; Cytokines 51, stanniocalcin-1 and vascular endothelial growth factor 52 to mediate tissue repair and regeneration. The AQP1 is a water channel in endothelial cell of blood capillaries. These channels play an important role in water permeability 53. Therefore, decrement of anti-AQP1 expression in our OVX group denoted dysfunction of the blood capillaries that was coincided with the noticeable interstitial hemorrhage. These findings hearten the previous documentation of Jin et al. 54 who demonstrated that the AQP1 was influenced by E2 deficiency. Smith et al. 55 added that E2 and progesterone deficiency influence the balance between vasoconstriction and vasodilatation in the submandibular gland. In our study, the improvement

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