Headscarves Monologue

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It was a bright, crisp, mellow morning in April. I, being the untalented and unwilling hair stylist that I am, decided that getting dolled up wasn’t exactly going to slide into my schedule this morning. Instead, I declined the idea and rummaged around for another alternative that was probably buried under a pile of bobby pins and hair combs. Postliminary, I discovered the only item that would shelter my bedhead from onlookers - a fashionable headscarf. Naturally and skillfully, I wrapped my unkempt hair and headed to my National History Day practice that I was already pressed for time for. I’ve always been keen on the idea and look of headscarves, and I’ve always believed that headscarves were admirable and a unique accessory, and seeing that …show more content…

Salespeople at the mall neglected their job of persuading me to purchase their products. Suddenly, the attack and disrespect wasn’t directed towards my headscarf, but directed to me as an individual. I’ve never experienced so much offense in my entire life. The ideology and mindset that people are afraid of others because of cloth is appalling to me. I had to explain to others that I was an American and not a terrorist. There are approximately 1,025,109 words in the English language and none describe the shame and anger I felt having to explain that I’m a US citizen. Dressing a certain way that correlates with a certain religion isn’t an issue until someone makes it one. Islamophobia: dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims especially at a political force. Islamophobia is caused by a variety of aspects, however the leading cause is the common belief of inaccurate facts and the misinterpretation of Islam. Islamophobia skyrocketed in America during the 2000s with the introduction who’s terrorist acts were claimed to be “for the sake of Allah”. Islam is a religion of peace and respect. Islamophobia affects everyone in one way or

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