`` Healing For Damaged Emotions `` By David Seamands

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In chapter one of “Healing For Damaged Emotions,” David Seamands shares common misunderstandings related to damaged emotions. Addressed in this chapter are fundamental issues within Christendom; that is, people often blame everything that is negative on the devil, and this will often lead to an individual supposing the solution to be the need to pray or read the Bible more. Seamands believes this will almost always make the pain that one experiences through having damaged emotions worse. Seamands then goes on to point out some examples of damaged emotions. Amidst the types of damaged emotions that are highlighted, Seamands gives the same formula to resolve them all. Confrontation, acceptance of responsibility, introspection, forgiveness of self and others and lastly seeking the Holy Spirit for guidance can best sum up his plan to begin the process of healing damaged emotions. This process of healing damaged emotions begins with the realization of the root and cause of emotional issues. In Chapter two, Seamands ascertains the root causes with emphasis on two main issues: failure to receive forgiveness and failure to give forgiveness to others. He states that grace is understood in the mind, but often that understanding doesn’t translate to hearts. Having knowledge of grace in one’s heart facilitates the change in recognizing the fact that grace is something that is unmerited, and can never be earned; and forgiveness is a result of that same grace. Seamands states “when we

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