Health And Health Care Act

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Abstract Medical reforms in the form of legislation have played a big role in bringing about parity in the health care sector. The 2010 Affordable Health Care Act, the 1996 Mental Health Parity Act and various other legislations have improved the accessibility, affordability and quality of group health plans and insurance plans. Although a few loop holes and old laws continue o hamper efforts to bring about health care parity, the legislations are a big step in the right direction. The efforts aimed to integrate behavioral health services into mainstream medical service will affect the lives of many Americans positively, as only a small percentage of people who need treatment for alcoholism, drug and substance abuse and other mental conditions actually get the treatment in the absence of proper legislation. As many as 89% of people who required treatment for mental disorders and addiction in 2010 did not get treatment due to unfavorable and restrictive health plans which they may not afford anyway. 25% of grown-ups in the United States suffer from some sort of mental disorder. Regulation of the group health plans and insurance benefits helps to alleviate this situation, but more should be done in the way of correcting detrimental (old) laws. Deinstitutionalization of the Mentally Ill Mental health ailments and conditions have traditionally been considered less treatable than medical and surgical ailments. Although advances in science have shown that mental health

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