Health And Health Care Disparities

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Health & Health Care Disparities throughout the Region Plaquemines Parish The leading causes of death of residents in Plaquemines are heart disease and cancer. In addition, 15.6% of residents have been diagnosed with diabetes compared to the 12.3% state rate. Diabetes was identified as a community health issue, particularly among the uninsured, Black residents, and those living at the southern end of the parish. Also, 40.8% of residents are considered obese compared to the state rate of 31.7% Other health disparities include mental health, depression, and anxiety. Availability of health care is an important factor in determining a community’s health care disparities. Components include health insurance coverage, number of health care professionals in the area, and proximity to health care resources. In Plaquemines Parish, the percentage of uninsured children is higher than the state rate. 7.3% of children are uninsured compared to the state rate of 6.4%. However, the percentage of uninsured adults is lower than the state rate. 13.4% of adults are uninsured compared to 25.5% that are uninsured in the state. Compared to the state rate of 18.9%, 22.6% of resident in Plaquemines were unable to see a doctor due to a cost. Furthermore, a higher percentage of White and Non-Hispanic have mental health coverage compared to Non-White and Hispanic residents. Stakeholders identified a lack of behavior health, oral health, primary care and pediatric services. Low SES residents in the

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