Health Authority And Vital Records

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Once the decision process is made and accepted by the patient, physicians must report all prescriptions for lethal medications to the state’s Health Authority and Vital Records. As of 1999, in the State of Oregon, pharmacists must be informed of the prescribed medication 's ultimate use (Death with Dignity Act, 2015).The physician must also document the elements of an informed decision in the patient’s medical chart. The elements consist of the diagnosis, prognosis and potential risks associated with taking the medication. Result of taking the medication as well as the feasible alternatives, which include but are not limited to comfort care, hospice, and symptom control. The physician must document all reminders to the patient of his or her “Right to Rescind” the request to hasten death and document the physician’s recommendation to take the medication with another person in attendance in a non-public site. The physician must also obtain a consultation from another physician (the “consulting physician”) to confirm the diagnosis and prognosis (Pollard, 2015) There are a lot of arguments for both allowing and revoking physician assisted suicide. Reading from the Unitarian website it is stated that "Guided by our belief as Unitarian Universalists that human life has inherent dignity, which may be compromised when life is extended beyond the will or ability of a person to sustain that dignity; and believing that it is every person 's inviolable right to determine in advance

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