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The U.S. has one of the worst health care systems in the world. With the lowest life expectancy, highest infant mortality rate, and most money spent per person on healthcare there is obviously a change that needs to be made. Another thing the U.S. is lagging with is the number of physicians. We only have 2.6 physicians for every 1,000 people, while Sweden has 4.0 and Germany has 4.1. The shortage of doctors in our country is a huge problem that needs attention. Another problem deserving attention is the infant mortality rate in our country. The U.S. has a 6.0 mortality rate of children under 1-year-old for every 1,000 live births, when Finland has a 1.8 and Italy has a 2.1. We could really take some notes from these other countries on…show more content…
There is not only one way to answer the problem of the doctor shortage, it will take many things working together to fix the problem. The infant mortality rate in the U.S. is another topic that needs to be addressed. There are many ways to decrease the mortality rate, but when only a few people try these solutions it doesn't make a difference. To really make a change, every mother would need to participate and even though there are those cases that are inevitable, there are also other cases that can be eliminated. First, preventing birth defects would be a huge way to decrease the mortality rate. Birth defects are the number one cause of infant death in the U.S. There are several ways pregnant women can help reduce the chance of birth defects. For example, making sure they get enough folic acid in their diet or from supplements. Without it, babies can suffer defects of their brain and spine. Women should also see a healthcare professional regularly to make sure everything is going well. This means healthcare needs to be readily available for pregnant women. Some mothers are unable to afford healthcare so making checkups for pregnant mother’s low cost would benefit them. Next, avoiding harmful substances such as alcohol and cigarettes would be another huge factor in decreasing infant mortality. Drinking alcohol during a pregnancy can cause miscarriages or stillbirths. Keeping their lifestyle healthy for pregnant mothers is the most important thing they can do to
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