Health Care Fraud and Abuse

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The mission of the OIG is carried out by using a multidisciplinary, combined approach, with six major departments of the OIG in which plays a very important role. The OIG uses a nationwide network of audits, investigations, and evaluations results in timely information as well as cost-saving or policy recommendations for deciding on important matters and the community. That network also assists in the development of cases for criminal, civil and administrative enforcement. (US Department of Health and Human Services) The Immediate Office of the Inspector General is directly responsible for the overall implementation of OIG’s operation and for promoting operational administration and the attribute of OIG processes and products. The Immediate Office staff is responsible for the following: • serve as liaison to the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of HHS • review all existing and proposed HHS regulations and legislation • promote OIG activities and accomplishments by reaching out to the public, media and other external entities • compile and issue publications that provide an overview of OIG’s work, including the annual Work Plan and Semiannual Report(s) to Congress • coordinate congressional testimony • process all Freedom of Information Act requests • Plan, conduct and participate in a variety of cooperative projects within HHS and with other Government agencies. The Office of Audit Services (OAS)
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