Health Care Provided By Primary Care Providers

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Introduction Health care provided by primary care providers is essential to chronic disease control and prevention, as well as acute care visits. Regular checkups and screenings provide practitioners sufficient data to detect common conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia in their patients. Without routine visits, conditions such as these would go undetected, and therefore untreated, and progress into more serious conditions. Within a primary care provider’s practice, patients have access to preventative screenings, immunizations, sick care, and reliability of a practitioner whom they trust. Patients who regularly visit a primary care provider also have lower overall healthcare costs and are more satisfied with …show more content…

The ACA also allows for more graduate medical education training positions and increased scholarships and loans for studying health practitioners. Community health centers have almost doubled their capacity since the ACA has come into effect. To attract doctor into a career in primary care at these centers, the ACA funds the National Health Service Corps to pay up to $120,000 in student loans for each doctor for giving four years of service (Mercer, 2013). Federally qualified health centers in Missouri receive federal funding to deliver care to patients regardless of their ability to pay. They increase access to healthcare, and therefore improve health outcomes. These centers have even been proven to perform just as well as non FQHC providers on measures of quality of care, access to care, continuity of care, and preventative services (County Health Rankings, 2016).
While the ACA is providing funding to the future practitioners who work in primary care, the number of new patients with health insurance, along with the aging population, offset the benefit of increasing primary care providers. The imbalance has led to longer wait times and shorter visits. Even with insurance, due to the lack of access to health care, patients are still ending up in emergency rooms for untreated illnesses that progressed into more serious conditions (Christensen, 2013). With poor reimbursements from patient with government insurance, primary care providers

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