Health Care Reform Debate & the Pluralistic Prespective

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Ana Sakalis SOC 335 Prof. K. Bentele February 24, 2012 Health Care Reform Debate & The Pluralistic Perspective In this paper I will explain how the portion of the health care debate I chose would be classified under this pluralist framework of government. First I will explain the definition of the pluralist view of how government is structured. Then I will explain a bit of what portion of the healthcare reform under president Obama’s administration I chose to write about and in conclusion I will make the connection between the healthcare reform and the pluralist theorist framework view of government. The Pluralist structure illustrates power as the aftermath of the collection of different interest groups haggling for the…show more content…
There are many religious institutions and religious affiliated universities that are fighting the new implications of this policy. These issues of concern and health care reform would be a real good argument for pluralist and their views of the structure of government in America. This is a good example of “who ever makes the best argument wins”. Although the finals of this reform have not yet been ironed-out, it seems like the winners will be working class Americans and that is not common in American politics. That no matter what argument, these large institutions are making they will have to find a way to conform to the decisions made by government. In this particular case the government is listening to everyone. These working class women have the Institute Of Medicine and the Department of Health and Human Services advocating on their behalf. In this instance the large population of individual voters are the ones holding the power over these larger, richer entities like insurance companies and religious affiliated institutions and universities. The states are involved in protecting the maintenance of order throughout society by being allowed to stipulate who does what. The power is not being held by those with economic stability like the social class perspective or the nature of leadership is not being held by the elites as stated in the elite managerial approach of government. Economic

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