Social Rank Essay

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There are many forms or types of rank- social (gender, race, education, professional, health, age, religion), psychological and spiritual rank. Social rank, in particular, is bestowed unequally by the society and culture we live in, being derived from mainstream biases and prejudices. Some rank is earned (personal development, education, expertise) and some not(racial, gender, height, certain health characteristics).
The more rank one has, the less one is aware to its effects on others. Those with lower rank are attuned to its sting and humiliation. Each of us can have high rank in one or more types, and less rank in others. High social rank individuals can be undermined by their low psychological rank. The sum of our privileges is a measure
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Who resists the call for change? Who defends the status quo? Doctors are among the most highly paid professionals in our society. The current system benefits them by limiting the education and licensing of doctors, thus creating low supply in the face of increasingly high demand. Insurance companies, with the input of physicians, determine the rate of reimbursement for physician services. Health care corporations continue to be good investments, despite the recession. The pejorative term “socialized medicine”, first coined by a “free market” focus group opposing President Truman’s attempt to create a government sponsored health care system in the 1940’s, has successfully forestalled change by frightening the public with images of inept and oppressive governmental interference in health care. The current system, unjust, inadequate and expensive, continues to profit the few ( doctors, pharmaceutical corporations, hospital corporations, HMO’s politicians) to the detriment of all. This is a rank issue. Who profits the most resists change the most, and uses rank to influence and obstruct. The medical-industrial-congressional complex, which comprises-----of our gross domestic product, overtly and covertly, opposes change which threatens their interests (“profits”) opposes health care reform and justice. They have the money, the access to influence at the highest levels of government, and they have used a profit seeking media effectively to influence citizens to preserve the status
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