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Is there only one answer to forming a perfect healthcare system? The healthcare system is in desperate need of a transformation, but what is the right answer? Do we look to other countries for answers? Should we model our healthcare after other countries? Should the government control the care that a patient receives and dictate what treatment plans are available? Title of the Paper Recently on a trip to Cuba I gained a valuable learning experience about their culture and lifestyle. The citizens of Cuba receive free education and healthcare. However, their field of study is decided for them, as well as, their medical choices. It is believed that the physicians carry the primary responsibility for the community. They are called…show more content…
While Cuba uses a very minimal approach to healthcare and the United States provides more options to their citizens, does it necessarily mean that one system is better than the other? I do agree that healthcare in the United States has become very expensive for its citizens and overly abused by the providers and patients, but I continue to believe that the patient should have autonomy when dealing with their health and treatment plans. The Cuban population does not have the right to refuse treatments, change physicians, have informed consent or even a right to their medical privacy. This Government based system of healthcare places their highest level of importance on preventing disease instead of treatments for disease. Whereas, the United States places value on prevention, detecting disease at its earliest stage and treating the patient throughout the disease process. In my opinion, early detection is of the upmost importance for successful patient outcomes. That is why all patients should have screenings, such as, yearly mammograms, Papanicolaou exams, and colonoscopies for the early detection of cancer. Even though I do agree that the cost of medications, research, and ancillary

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