Health Care System Of Nepal

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Health in one of the important things of human life. Without good health people cannot able to perform daily activates. Health plays vital role to country’s economic development. If People health is good than nation health will be good. Economic will move fast if people are healthy because healthy people can perform task well. My research paper will research about Health care system in Nepal. Background of Nepal Nepal is mountainous country in the World. The average life expectancy is 67.95. Nepal has an approx. 28 million population. Also, approximately two thirds of the health problem in Nepal are infectious disease. This infectious disease occurs high rate of illness and death. In addition to this, there are many people are infected from HIV aids due to lack of education and open boarder between India Nepal. The health system has been developed day by day. There are health post in every village development committee area. Also, now a day’s government allow private sector to invest in health care system. Right now, there are so many private health college, hospital, clinic, nursing home etc. So, we can see that health system has been developed.
Health System has been developed; the most basic unit is a Sub-Health Post or Health Post in each Village Development Committee area. However, the expansion of the Health System has not been matched by an expansion in the domestive resources, workers and supplies, and the available resources are not efficiently distributed. In
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