Health Care Systems Compare and Contrast

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As a country we are facing currently facing a problem based on health care. Every country has their own way of doing things, but which way makes the most sense? Statistics show that Canada’s health care system is working for them, but will it work for the United States? Ezekial J. Emanuel, Holly Dressel, and together, Karen Davis, Cathy Shoen, Katharine Shea, and Kristine Haran, all address possible solutions to this problem. While Emanuel feels that America’s system is sufficient, Dressel, Davis, Shoen, Shea, and Haran believe there are better options. These authors evaluate the different systems based on quality, cost, and accessibility. Emanuel (2008) believes that the care that is received in a single-payer plan is much poorer than…show more content…
Emanuel, Dressel, Davis, Shoen, Shea, and Haran all have their own opinions, but it is still not clear what system is the most beneficial. Health care in Canada is different than here in the United States, but it is arguable of which country’s system is better. It is also debatable of whether the U.S. can adapt a different system and still be successful. This is a current problem in society and should not be ignored.

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