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Study Guide – Social Work 151 / Fall 2009 - STEWART Delivering Healthcare in America: A Systems Approach Leiyu Shi & Douglas A. Singh Chapter 1: A Distinctive System of Health Care Delivery Multiple Choice Questions 1. The primary objectives of a healthcare system include all of the following except: a. Enabling all citizens to receive healthcare services b. Delivering healthcare services that are cost-effective c. Delivering healthcare services using the most current technology, regardless of cost d. Delivering healthcare services that meet established standards of quality 2. The U.S. healthcare system can best be described as: a. Expensive b. Fragmented c. Market-oriented d. All of the above 3. For…show more content…
a. Urbanization b. Educational reform c. Science and technology d. Dependency e. licensing 7. Development of the hospital and ______ happened almost hand in hand in a symbiotic relationship between the two. a. dependency of patients b. growth of scientific knowledge c. professionalization of medical practice d. cohesiveness of the medical profession 8. Why did physicians remain independent of corporate settings even after the medical profession became well recognized? a. Hospitals were unable to pay high enough salaries to physicians. b. Physicians disliked salary arrangements. c. Licensure laws had not yet been passed. d. Physicians who took up practice in a corporate setting were castigated by the medical profession. 9. Since the early 1900s, the burden of disease in developed countries has shifted a. to underdeveloped countries b. from infectious to chronic disease c. from chronic to infectious disease d. from the rich to the poor 10. The inception of _____ was used as a trial balloon for the idea of government-sponsored universal health insurance. a. workers' compensation b. trade unions c. public health d. health care for the veterans Chapter 4: Health Services Professionals Multiple Choice Questions 1. A major factor influencing growth in the health care sector of the U.S. economy is: a. The aging of the population b. Increasing

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