Health Care : The Tale Of A Luxurious Necessity

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Health care: The Tale of a Luxurious Necessity
The prevalence of bankruptcy’s filed due to health care costs has become increasingly common. American’s specifically are paying substantially with their wallets for even routine care. The costs of health care are unremittingly rising and becoming out of control for even the average family to afford. Concurrently, other parts of the world are giving more accurate and efficient health care for minimal cost. Undeniably, the United States needs health care reform, because health care conditions aren’t going away and simultaneously the American people are being taken advantage. Humans require health care as a basic necessity, quickly, efficiently, and should be able to participate regardless of wealth or status. Government intervention in the form of universal health care, wellness programs, and price caps would allow for greater efficiency in a system suffering from inflated prices and convoluted bureaucracy. The first question that comes to mind, that we should ask ourselves, is in regards to the actual assessment of the United States health care. A private organization named The Commonwealth Fund gives us an objective view of international health care excellence. The Common Wealth Fund rates countries by quality using indicators such as effective care, safe care, coordinated care, and patient-centered care. Eleven wealthy nations are studied in the report from 2010-2014 that includes Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the

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