Health Care Utilization Paper

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Health Care Utilization

Option 2 HCS/235 October 8, 2012 Katherine Smith, MSN, RN Health Care Utilization Factors affecting John Q’s health care utilization: Men’s health has been an ongoing discussion for many years now. There have been discussions regarding the lack of men making, or keeping appointments with their physician, also acquiring a physician before receiving a diagnosis that will leave life changing results as well as seeking health care. Men have been known to refuse simply refuse to visit a doctor unless he is feverish and lying on his sick bed. Responses, such as the situation
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There is the possibility of his needing to take anti-hypertensive medications to keep his pressure at an acceptable and safe level. He may also need to start a low-sodium diet, reducing the intake of fat that he would consume, watching his weight and managing his stress level because these will all play a role in keeping his blood pressure down and prevent a heart attack or hardening of his arteries. This changeable factor is available because John realizes his father had a heart attack, but that does not mean he has to have one. He can change and prevent his outcome by becoming an active participant in his health care. It is important to note that John Q is neither disabled, nor unable to work a full-time job; therefore he can find other employment. His income and insurance statuses are both changeable factors. When he finds a better paying job, he may be able to afford transportation that will allow him the vehicle to carry himself to and from work, also to, and from his physician’s office. A better paying job may allow John the advantage of affordable moving from the rural community that he currently resides in, to a better location. A better paying job may allow John to change physicians and have available timeframes that will work with his schedule in making his office visits. The factor that suggests John is low-income is also a mutable factor. John Q also has immutable factors; these types of factors are
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