Hcs 235 Week 2: Healthcare Utilization Paper

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Health Care Utilization in the United States HCS/235-Health Care Delivery in the United States University of Phoenix January 29, 2013 Over the past decade, government operated and privately owned health care organizations have made improvements identifying patient disabilities, discovering alternative treatments at the patient’s discretion, identifying the cause of diseases, and discovering lifesaving cures. The current United States health care delivery system has undergone enormous changes throughout the years. People the United States utilize health care services for many reasons: to prevent disease, to prevent future illnesses, to eliminate pain, and promote a healthier lifestyle to patients. The Patient Protection and…show more content…
Health care coverage for individuals and small businesses will become more affordable and accessible (House Committee, 2010). The bill erases deductibles and co-payments for preventive care. Due to the recession, many American families struggle to pay the co-payment at their doctor’s office. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act does offer money directly to the consumer by eliminating co-payments at the doctor’s office (House Committee, 2010). There will be incentives for doctors to practice in poor areas of the country. For example, a new doctor fresh out of medical school would receive additional federal funds to establish their business and hire qualified personnel (House Committee, 2010). Changes to the health care system throughout the United States will greatly influence health care utilization. Trends in health care utilization can be used to project future health care needs, predict expenditures, or for training personnel in new medical procedures and policies (Berstein, Hing, Moss, Allen, Siller & Tiggle, 2003). For example, the increase in ambulatory surgery was changed by improvements in anesthesia and improved techniques in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (Berstein, Hing, Moss, Allen, Siller & Tiggle, 2003). Advanced medical procedures that used to require a few weeks of bed rest now only need a few days in the hospital. Shorter hospital stay makes the patient happier and it

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