Health Check Ups On Animals

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Veterinary surgeons - usually known as vets - work to safeguard the health and welfare of animals. The tasks performed are: Handling, examining and treating all kinds of animals-domestic animals like cats and dogs, farm animals and wildlife Diagnosing and testing to create a treatment plan for various diseases and injuries Perform various types of surgery on animals Treating and dressing wounds Prescribing medication Vaccinating animals against various diseases such as rabies and distemper Carrying out tests such as x-rays, urine and stool samples and much more euthanizing terminally ill or old animals Consult and educate owners about the welfare of their pet Conduct health check ups on animals regularly Impact of technology: Being a vet means being able to operate various machines and equipment which will aid in diagnosing and treating a sick or injured animal. Some examples of commonly used machinery are: Diagnostic Imaging Tests Ultrasounds, CT scans and endoscopes are examples of diagnostic imaging tests which are non-invasive test to check most body systems. An ultrasound works by placing a probe that emits sound waves of extremely high frequency. The sound waves are then converted into an image to be viewed by vets. A Computed Tomography, or more commonly known as a CT scan uses thin rotating beams emitted into the animal’s body as it moves through an arc, and computer technology to produce detailed and precise pictures of many parts of the body on the

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