Health Disparities And Education Of Societies

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Health Disparities and Education in Societies Jori Yslas Denver School of Nursing Health Disparities and Education in Societies In any society in the world today health disparities are constantly being encountered. Health disparity is a term used for disease and mortality as it commonly refers to differences in groups of people, races, cultures, societies, economic class, educational levels, etc. Generally, health disparities are compared with more advanced countries and what those cultures have and how other cultures are behind and living without any advancement. Health disparities have been around since the world first evolved, but now those studies have been further researched. In consideration of the evolving research, health disparity is now sometimes referred to as health inequality due to the diverse levels of advancement, medical care, and education that various cultures receive. There are now a vast variety of resources available to conduct research on any said subject involving health disparities in general. Anyone can find a disparity in any subject; it just depends on what side of the spectrum each individual falls on. Health Disparities in Education Howard, Levine, Davis, and Peek (2003) found that young people increasingly use the Internet to get health information. Teens were more likely to approach health issues at a better angle when they were able to conduct the research themselves. They were also more likely to talk to others, including their
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