Health Knowledge And Positive Dietary Change Essay

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For limited income and limited education individuals, low-nutrition health literacy affects the understanding of and adoption of nutrition recommendations. That causes implications on health outcomes of families. For practitioners, understanding the relationship between health knowledge and positive dietary change will enable health educators to be involved in the development and delivery of evidence-based strategies that meet the needs of low-health-literacy. A review of recent research may increase knowledge of the relationship between health literacy, barriers, and facilitators of healthy eating behaviors, and possible cultural differences amongst low-income families.
Ciampa, P. J., Kumar, D., Barkin, S. L., Sanders, L. M., Yin, H. S., Perrin, E. M., & Rothman, R. L. (2010). Interventions Aimed at Decreasing Obesity in Children Younger Than 2 Years: A Systematic Review. Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, 164(12), 1098–1104.

Medical specialist and researchers from Vanderbilt and New York University along with Pediatric Doctors from the University of Miami and North Carolina School of Medicine assess whether diet and lifestyle interventions can improve the health and weight of overweight toddlers. The aforementioned is accomplished through a systematic review of 12 empirical studies that evaluates nutrition and diet interventions with the goal of securing a healthy weight. The results revealed limited

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