Health Of Health And Global Health

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One could agree that health plays a huge role in society. The definition for health can be broad and covers not only the biology part many refer to. Health covers the physiology and sociology factors as well. There are two different types of health that can be seen interchangeably because they both focus on improving ones health. Public health and Global health are both equally important in society. Public health focuses on a specific population or communities where as global health focus on health across national borders. The definition of poverty is being extremely poor, not having the sufficient funds. Poverty can have a negative effect on a person health because they do not have the sufficient funds for healthcare. A person living …show more content…

If the poverty would not be a factor these individuals would be able to get the proper care needed and prevent the spread of malaria. The living conditions and unsanitary conditions all take part in the way global health affects poverty. While living in poverty most individuals do not have the adequate shelter or water. There are nearly 640 million people that do not have a safe place to live. There is 270 million that do not have the access to any health services. There are many people that live in poverty that cannot even afford to have adequate food to feed themselves or children. When an individual is not sure where the next meal will come from then; one can assure they will not be able to afford the access to healthcare. Typically in a country where poverty is extremely high, finding access to a safe water supply and nutritional food in order to survive would be more important than access to healthcare. Poverty can definitely have an impact on a person’s educational level. In “2005 there were nearly 72 million children of school age that were not in school in developing countries” (UNICEF). If an individual does not know where they will sleep at night or if there will be food on the table to survive, then learning is not an important aspect in their life. Education can also be an added expense. A person living in poverty will not be able to afford the expense for

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