Health Systems Of Canada And Denmark. General Overview

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Health Systems of Canada and Denmark
General overview of Denmark
In 2015 Denmark had a population of 5,699,000 within their Scandinavia geographic region ("Countries Denmark," 2015). The Danish have a culture of high living standards and well-being. It is a developed country that’s population is ranked above average in life expectancy (OECD Publishing, 2016). The average life expectancy for males is seventy – two. The women are expected to live until eighty- two years old ("Countries Denmark," 2015).
The Danes welfare model gives them the ability to balance work with family life. Most are in good health. The language spoken is Danish. They enjoy their lifestyle and are known for their Danish traditions, Christian faith, architecture, …show more content…

Second there is English Canadians who are the descendants of English, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish settlers, soldiers and immigrants who came to Canada from the 17th to the 20th century. Generations of these pioneers helped to bring British political institutions and traditions to Canada” ("The government of Canada," n.d., para. 1). However there is a ton of diversity and different religions that has expanded across their region. In the last 200 years many travelled and arrived there (The government of Canada," n.d.).
Their new arrival helped defend and build their country’s way of life ("The government of Canada," n.d.) Immigration has been a major influence on the development of their society and plays a huge role in their economy. Their economy job market is broken into three different categories which include service, natural resources and manufacturing.
Denmark Health system
The Danes value quality healthcare and it is paid for through income taxes. Healthcare activity and outcomes are decided at a county and municipal level. They have two sectors of care. The sectors include primary care and hospital care ("The Danish Health Care System," n.d.). Total expenditure on health in 2014 was 10.8 percent. In addition the total expenditure on health in 2014 per capita was 4,782 ("Countries Denmark," 2015).
Canada Health system
The Canadians have universal coverage under a national health insurance system with an above average ranking for the health status for their

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