Healthcare Cohesion And Health Care

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Healthcare Cohesion
Physicians are responsible for the care provided to patients in any healthcare environment. Without these physicians, hospitals would crumble. While many others play a large role in patient care, it is the physicians who are responsible for ensuring the correct care plan for each individual patient. Hospitals need physicians to operate, and physicians can get great value from working with hospitals.
With any form of integrated physician model both parties have much to gain, patient acquisition, quality of care, and resources are some examples that both parties could see as incentives to work together. Treatment is being shifted from volume of care to quality of care since the incorporation of the affordable care act set …show more content…

Clinical integration is the overall purpose of an integrated physician model. Clinical integration provides an opportunity to coordinate services through centralized scheduling, electronic health records, clinical pathways, management of chronic diseases, and innovative quality improvement programs (Harrison, 2016). This needs to be a major factor in the planning process. When you have the capability and access to an patients care plan because of greater resources and having all of the necessary silos to provide such care, well then it becomes a much smoother process and as a result this can play a factor into timely care and quality of care, as well it can contribute to cost reducing factors such as outpatient care. The electronic health records allow each silo to have access to treatments and testing that has already been done, this further improves quality, timely, and costly care. The clinical pathways allow creating a standardized care plan for patients that over time become more effective and efficient. The management of chronic diseases before clinical integration could be very costly and painful, requiring the patient to see multiple facilities and doctors with limited communication between the different facilities. With success in clinical integration these patients can have easy access to their providers and information because it would all be tied together, it can reduce the stress of knowing everything themselves because the information would already be

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