Healthcare Fraud And The Healthcare System Essay

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Healthcare Fraud
As a child, I always thought all healthcare practitioners such as doctors, nurses, and physicians were real life superheroes. Healthcare practitioners were the kind of people where the needy went to get treatment for any of their ailments. This belief ended June of 2016 when I saw some doctors for who they really were: villains. I fell victim to healthcare fraud, specifically overbilling, which destroyed my belief in the goodness of healthcare practitioners and providers. The rate of healthcare fraud like inflating hospital charges of materials and procedures, false billings, and performing unnecessary medical procedures to create insurance payments have been increasing over the past few years. Nothing good comes out of healthcare fraud and offenders should be stopped immediately.
Hospitals are notorious for overbilling which is the act of charging more than what is ethically and socially acceptable on a bill. Inflating hospitals charges of materials and procedures is the easiest and most profitable healthcare fraud hospitals can do. Hospitals can do so because there is no one to tell them that they cannot and they do not have any competition. In a TIME magazine article, Sean Recchi was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and went to MD Anderson Cancer Center for treatment. Recchi did not have comprehensive health insurance but had an insurance policy that covered $2,000 per day of any hospital charges. Unfortunately, for Recchi, MD Anderson Cancer Center

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