Healthcare Plan For Managed Healthcare Organizations

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MANAGED HEALTH CARE- ORIGINS PLANS AND ORGANIZATIONS Investigate where Dr. Peeno today or did her work impact managed care guidelines Assignment Title: Student Number College Supervisor’s Name Date This assignment attempts to examine the merits and demerits of managed healthcare organizations in the light of recent revelations by Linda Peeno who have exposed the unethical practices within the managed care organizations in the US. The managed care organizations operate under private insurance. The managed healthcare plan is part of the integrated healthcare system based on payment and consumer oriented. In the US healthcare system, the managed care provides the delivery services on insurance basis and is mainly run by managed…show more content…
According to Shi & Singh (2015), the managed care system is an integration of service delivery with much emphasis on preventative care and standardized ways of health provision. They also incorporate of financial incentives which are meant to encourage enrollees to use these care services efficiently. Generally, the managed care system is a network provider which integrates the doctors and healthcare facilities under one system. It is thus responsible for creating the financial incentives and reducing the cost of health for client by negotiating with and by networking with health providers across the US (Kreindler, 2012). Today, the managed care organizations are found everywhere in the US but have become somewhat controversial because of their goals of controlling the medical costs which has somehow produced unethical practices. They have been accused of becoming consumer driven and therefore, profit making machine rather than delivery services to the clients. They have also been accused of charging very high fees that are unaffordable for most Americans (Goodrick & Reay, 2016). There are two network based managed care programs which comprises of the First, the managed care in a public setting (MCPS) which includes the healthcare and social services in a comprehensive system which are aimed at balancing the issues of care, cost and social conscience (Goodrick & Reay, 2016). Second, the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) are licensed by the
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