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Healthy Grief Grand Canyon University: HLT-310V Healthy Grief Grief is a process that most everyone will go through at some point in his life. A person who is experiencing grief may have suffered loss of a loved one, loss of a job, or diagnosis of a terminal illness. The five stages of grief as described by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in 1969 have helped in defining the steps one may go through after experiencing a loss. Every person has his own response to grief, so he may not go through every stage. This paper will examine the story of Job from the Bible and will compare his grieving process to that as defined by Kubler-Ross. The grieving process of the Jewish believer will also be discussed as well as this author’s thoughts on grief.…show more content…
Before the loss of a loved one, a person may bargain with God saying that they will do anything if only their loved one’s life would be spared. After the loss, the hope is that life will go back to what it was before, and may include more bargaining with God (Kessler, 2012). Bargaining is seen through Job when he is visited by his friends who point out to him that he is being judged by God. He begs his friends to tell him what he is doing wrong and then bargains with God, pleading with Him to tell him what he is doing wrong (Lyon, 2000). The fourth stage is depression. The grieving person may feel empty, withdrawn, and sad, and this stage may seem to last a long time (Kessler, 2012). Depression is seen throughout the story of Job. It is seen in several places including chapter three and chapter ten when Job is talking to God and asking Him why he was ever born; why did God not let him die at birth (Life Application, Job 3 & 10) The final stage in grieving is acceptance. Acceptance does not mean that the loss is now okay, because many people may never feel okay about the loss. Acceptance means that there has been a realization that the loved one is gone, that this is the way life will be now. Life must be readjusted in hopes of having more good days than bad days (Kessler, 2012). Job’s acceptance is seen in chapter 13 as he speaks and argues his case with God. He seems to have accepted the events that have taken place, but now wants to speak to God to find out how

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