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Healthy Home, Healthy Pet: Everything You Need to Know About Natural Pet Care
As we all jump head first into the world of healthy living, we are striving to lead healthy lives and keep healthy homes. From natural home remedies that are chemical free to a paleo lifestyle with un-arguable health benefits, millions of people of finding themselves searching for healthy living resources. But what about the other members of your family? To most of us, our pets are equally as important members of our families. While you have been cleaning out your pantry and removing the chemicals from your home, have you looked at your pet’s supplies?
A completely healthy home means taking your pets care into consideration. Chances are that you take better
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The fresher the food, the better it is for your pet. Just like when you are feeding yourself and your family, your pet needs the freshest and most nutritional option. Commercial dog food is often overly processed at high temperatures and just like in our food, the over processing has a bad effect on the nutrient levels.
• Fresh Pet Food is by far the best option for your animals but it isn’t always the most convenient. If you have time, cooking or preparing your pets food with have the best nutritional outcome. Many recipes are available online for homemade pet food and you also have the option of feeding them healthy table scraps. The key word being healthy, such as, lean meats and proteins.
• Frozen raw foods are also a very healthy option. Frozen raw pet food can be made at home, purchased directly through natural pet stores, and shipped to your door step. Pets that have a history of allergies or bowel problems may see a significant change in health when switched to a raw food diet.
• Dehydrated pet food contains most of the same nutritional value but can be more convenient and less expensive. High quality dehydrated meats, vegetables, and fruits and make up a very nutritional pet diet. Dehydration preserves the majority of natural nutrients and as much as 50% more nutritional value than canned pet food and kibble because it is processed at a much lower
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