Heart Of Darkness Self Discovery

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Individuals discoveries can emerge unexpectedly & suddenly, or discoveries can encompass encountering something for the first time & rediscover something that is lost forgotten or concealed. These perspectives can be shared with individuals collectively through a screen documentary, like Go Back To Where You Came From (Go Back) by Ivan O’manhoney, or through a novella such as The Heart Of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. These stories explore the unexpected & rediscovered discoveries of compassion, knowledge & acceptance of people. Go Back & The Heart Of Darkness both clearly exemplify notions of self-discovery that then actuate introspection, followed by the unveiling of what is unknown and the reconsideration of what is known, and therefore highlight the processes of discovery as a matter of uncovering and reconsidering the known, an innate aspect of human nature.
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The process of discovery can stimulate new ideas and may alter perspectives and outlooks, and therefore be transformative of the individual, leading to self-discovery. Within the first ‘episode’ of Go Back by joseph Conrad, the contestants all state they have firm beliefs on refugees, which by the end of the series, are contrasted with the experiences that ultimately altered the identity they
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This is shown in go back, as Ivan O’Mahoney allocates the journey to rediscover the problems surrounding refugees, making it the main focus. Evidenced when Darren says “this trip has had a profound effect on me emotionally & spiritually”. O’Mahoney uses the film industry to convey the deeper effect a planned discovery has on individuals & uses the six contestants as examples. O’Mahoney furthers this affect by using hand held cameras & archival footage to strengthen
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