Heavy and Unjustifiable Fishing Techiques

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With heavy and unjustifiable fishing techniques the fishing populations has been declining over the years. As of this moment close to eighty-five percent of the world’s fisheries have been threatened. With the lowering fish populations, the world has had to adjust by reducing the amount of fish that are harvested. But still the fish population is on the decline. Due to the over fishing of certain species, mostly predators (sharks, tuna, etc.) has had a negative effect on marine ecosystems. Overfishing also leads to bycatch; catching of unwanted fish, which leads to millions of dead fish each year. Overfishing also having a negative effect on the economies of fish communities too. Fishing communities that solely rely on fish harvesting and fish consummation are faces overwhelming affects. Developing countries were they account for almost fifty percent of the world’s fish export, and being hit the hardest with these consequences. The overfishing by the world’s fleet leads to illegal fishing and higher prices for the developing countries. Fish is one of the most important sources of for that this world offers us, and over seventy-one percent of the world is ocean water. Fish is a huge source of protein for humans; in Asia almost one billion people’s primary source of protein comes from fish. Almost twenty-five percent of the world’s consumed animal protein is provide threw fish, twenty percent from the ocean and five percent from fish farms. Even though the fishing
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