Helen Keller Play: Script

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MRS. KELLER - ___________________________
MR. KELLER - _________________________
DOCTOR - ___________________________
DIRECTOR ANAGNOS - ___________________________
ANNE SULLIVAN - ___________________________

HELEN KELLER - ________________________

On June 27, 1880, a girl named Helen Adams Keller, a very well-knowned writer, was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama, in a white, frame cottage called “Ivy Green.” Her parents were captain Arthur Henley Keller and Kate Adams Keller.
(Helen is two years old. Mrs. Keller enters the bedroom)
MRS. KELLER: Helen, wake up, sweety!. It’s a beautiful day!. (she tries to wake her up, but Helen doesn’t open her eyes. Mrs. Keller touches Helen’s forehead) MRS. KELLER: Helen, …show more content…

He has a letter in his hands. Anne Sullivan enters the office) ANNE: Did you want to talk to me?.
DIRECTOR ANAGNOS: Yes, Anne, please sit down. (Anne sits in a chair in front of the Director Anagnos) ANNE: They told me it was urgent. DIRECTOR ANAGNOS: It is, Anne. I received this letter from Arthur and Henley Keller. They have a seven-year-old daughter that is deaf and blind. They are desperate because they can’t communicate with her, and she can’t communicate with them or with anybody else.
ANNE: Oh, poor little girl. What does it have to do with me?.
DIRECTOR ANAGNOS: You are the best teacher I have. Remember, you were once blind.
ANNE: Yes, and I can see now after several operations.
DIRECTOR ANAGNOS: Helen, will never hear or see. That’s the difference between you and her. She has no hope. Do you understand, Anne?.
ANNE: Do you want me to go?. Do you think I am qualified for this job?.
DIRECTOR ANAGNOS: Yes, you are, Anne, that’s why I am sending you there. I already bought your train ticket.
ANNE: What?. You should have asked me first!.
DIRECTOR ANAGNOS: I knew I could count with you, Anne.
ANNE: When will I leave?.
DIRECTOR ANAGNOS: You will leave tomorrow, and by March 3 you will arrive to the Keller’s home.
ANNE: Tomorrow?.
DIRECTOR ANAGNOS: Yes, tomorrow. Go now, and get your things ready.
ANNE: I hope you are not making a mistake by sending me.
DIRECTOR ANAGNOS: I am not. I am sure you will bring light to

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