Helen Keller's Impact On The Blind And Blind People

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Helen Keller, a woman that not only changed the United States but the world in many ways. She was not only blind, but a deaf woman that did multiple things to help other people that had her disabilities by fighting for them in the ways they couldn’t. Keller had a huge impact on the blind and deaf community, which she helped tremendously while getting more assistance to the blind. Helen Keller, a deaf and blind woman that helped and inspired many other disabled people by fighting through her own disabilities.

“At nineteen months, Helen suffered an illness that left her unable to see, hear, or eventually speak.” (Williams) Keller got a illness called scarlet fever or meningitis, something that can not be cured, which made an impact on her life by challenging her with no vision or hearing. (Williams) Keller grew up young having her disabilities such as being blind and deaf, which later influenced her wanting to help people with the same disabilities. She not only had to create signs growing up so that her family could communicate with her, but she had to continue to do so until her “teacher” came along. Keller grew up with her “teacher” Anne Sullivan, who helped her learn to communicate even with the disabilities she had growing up. Helen was very independent in many ways. Such as not being able to see or hear but still getting things down in her mind on what is going on around her or who is around her by certain feelings or vibrations. (Williams) Therefore with Keller's

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