What Were Helen Keller's Accomplishments

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"I used to wander around crashing into things, but then I found that things are bigger than I am. That is thanks to you," Helen told Annie her teacher. As an infant she could see and hear, but by the age of two, due to an illness, she no longer could. Helen Keller is considered to be a hero among many people. She has had a lasting effect on everyone with disabilities and everyone else. Her history and background are different from everyone else, she has many obsticles that she overcame and became her accomplishments, and her legacy, she left behind is still important for everyone to hear.
Helen Keller has a very interesting history. She overcame many things as a child. She was born with her sight and hearing. Helen Keller was born in Tuscumbia, …show more content…

Helen's achievements were achieved only through her obstacles that she went through while learning. Helen Keller got a teacher, Annie Sullivan, who taught her many things. Annie, Helen's teacher, came to Tuscumbia on March 3, 1887 (Feeny). After six months of working together, Helen had learned the manual alphabet, could read brittle and raised type, and was writing letters (Feeny). Within six months Helen learned many things from Annie and they continue to work together throughout their lifetimes. Helen went to college and became a writer. She went to Radcliffe college because Harvard did not accept women. She was the first deaf-blind person who went through college (Feeny). Annie Sullivan was always by her side except when she took the tests (Feeny). Helen Keller finished college with the help of Annie. Helen was accused of plagiarism. She was accused because she wrote a book just like a book that was read to her three years prior (Feeny). After that, sometimes people often wondered if she was just restating things that she heard over the years (Feeny). At 11 years old Helen Keller was accused of plagiarism because she wrote a similar story that was read to before. Even though Helen Keller had many amazing accomplishments, she also had many obstacles she had to overcome in order to accomplish

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