Helen Smith And Lennie Small Murder

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Today in Soledad we mourn the murder of Helen Smith and Lennie Small. Lennie who worked at Ben’s Smith Ranch was known to have some type of mental disability. He was also known to get along with everyone and he did have a strong love for animals. He accidently killed his puppy by petting him too hard and that caused Lennie to panic. Similarly, while stroking Helen’s hair, he also accidentally broke her neck. This caused Lennie to lose control and worry about the consequences that George is going to put on him. Upon finding Helen’s body who is the sister in law of Ben Smith with her neck broken and pale skin at the barn. It was then, that everyone realized that Lennie Small who spends all his time at the barn taking care of his puppy was missing. …show more content…

When George found Lennie at the river, he shot him at the back of his head with one of the barn worker’s

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