Helicopter Parents Should Be A Serious Issue

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Every now and then, we hear worried parents give a call to university officers, asking them to take care of their children. Additionally, some of them compel their children to make decisions based on what the parents want, believing that children are not mature enough and that it is the shortcut for their children to succeed. Whether helicopter parents should be a serious issue has raised a wide of variety of debate in society. In my viewpoint, helicopter parents have become a severe problem nowadays. The first reason is that parents are more apt to intervene in their children’s lives than before due to circumstance, so there are more helicopter parents than before. The second reason is that those children with helicopter parents are inclined to have mental problems, rely on others more, and are vulnerable compared to normal children. Once they leave their parents, they are not capable of solving problems by themselves, and hence, cannot adapt themselves to the competitive environment and lose the opportunity to succeed. There is a controversy over whether helicopter parents are prevalent. In the articles “Kids of Helicopter Parents Are Sputtering Out” by Julie Lythcott-Haims, the author believes helicopter parents widely exist owing to the fact that she has met numerous students who did not show interest in their study or activities, while serving as a dean in Stanford University. They did so not because of their own will but because of the requirement from their parents.

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