Helping the Environment and Our Resources

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Our world is a growing world and it is drastically improving as the years go by. There has been numerous advancements in technology, manufacturing, food and the list goes on. However, this advancement is a double-sided coin and as we continue to build better products we are breaking down an important factor in our community which is our environment and our resources. We cut at least 50 million acres of trees every year, with the projection that half of the remaining forest’s would be destroyed by 2030. The temperature of the earth could increase by as much as 12 degrees fahrenheit if we continue to emit the same amount of greenhouse gas we are doing now. The electronic wastes we generate is about 20-50 million metric tons with only 11.4% being actually recycled. These statistics are all very real and the damage that it is doing to our ecosystem is far greater than ever imagined. It is still not too late, we can still save our earth by doing practices that promote environmental sustainability.

Before we tackle environmental sustainability, we must first focus to what sustainability means. Sustainability according to the Merriam Webster website, is being able to use without being completely used up or able to last for a long time. In other words, it simply means to preserve it and strengthen it rather than break it down. Environmental sustainability is simply just that; it involves actions that involve protecting and preserving our environment so that it can further improve

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