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     Many sculptors have come and gone over the years, leaving light traces or none at all of their presence in the sculpture realm. Henry Moore does not fit into either of these two categories. Because of his original style and techniques, Henry Moore has made a dramatic effect in present day sculpting. He has opened many doors for practicing artists in a sense that was not portrayed prior to his era. Henry Moore combined his childhood experiences with his interactions between other artists to develop his distinguishing style of sculpting.
     Henry Moore was born in Castleford, Yorkshire on July 30,1898. He was the seventh of eight children to Raymond
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Three years after their marriage, Moore resigned from RCA and obtained a job as head of the sculpture department at Chelsea College of Art. In 1934, he and his wife purchased a house and land in Kent. Henry worked at Chelsea College of Art until 1939 when the college was relocated to Northampton. It was then that Henry decided to rely solely on his income from pieces of artwork that he sold. To do so, Henry and Irina moved to London.
     In the following years, Henry Moore became an international celebrity, averaging more than forty exhibitions a year. In 1972, Moore displayed his largest exhibition ever in Florence, Italy. Flocks of people gathered in the historical city to catch glimpses of his artwork. Moore’s success encouraged other aspiring artists and in 1977 the Henry Moore Foundation was formed. The Henry Moore Foundation provided a place for struggling artists to receive grants to further their interest in sculpting. Henry Moore passed away on August 31, 1986 in Much Hadham. At the time of his death, Moore was still sculpting seven days a week and his exhibition were still taking place. .
     Henry Moore had many influences on his life and his artwork. One of his most cherished influences was his family. His father provided Henry with a foundation for a strong work ethic. His father always insisted he strive to succeed and always do

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