Herb Brooks: Charismatic Motivation in Coaching Essay

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Herb Brooks: Charismatic Motivation in Coaching

In the following essay, I will argue that Herbert “Herb” Brooks was a charismatic leader due to his powerful motivation and his high expectations. He expected great things from the players he coached, but mostly, he expected them to think of the team and not themselves. He motivated with a powerful punch, mostly through fear, but was able to unite his teams and eventually the country.

Herb Brooks was born on August 5, 1937 in St. Paul Minnesota (Herb Brooks). Growing up in Minnesota, he became attached to the sport of ice hockey. He spent years practicing and playing this sport, and in 1955, he led his high school team to the …show more content…

Herb expected his team to achieve elevated, difficult, and challenging goals. He expected his players to sacrifice their time for the greater good and the team. He instilled the importance of selflessness and teamwork into their heart and soul’s. Pushing the team to the point of exhaustion, helped them realize the level he expected them to perform at. They began to realize that giving one hundred percent was not enough, and neither was two hundred percent; nothing was ever going to be enough. He made them realize that maximum performance could always be obtained and exceeded. Herb understood his players, and understood how to get the best out of each individual player. Making their best a part of the team, made the team a strong, unbreakable unit. To have his team achieve such high expectations and goals, he had to find ways of motivating them.
Herb became know as a compelling and fearful motivator. According to the ESPN website, he motivated by fear, and the team became more afraid of him than they did of the Soviets. He motivated the team with exhausting drills, and threats to cut players and bring new ones in. He pushed them harder by telling them they were not good enough. The ESPN website accounts a time when Herb once said to his players: "You're playing worse and worse every day and right now you're playing like it's next month."
This may not sound like a good motivational tactic to

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