Herbert Hoover's Time in Office

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It was somewhat easy for him to get into the White House in 1929. There were a number of occurrences that helped him to be the president. Calvin Coolidge, the president in 1928, announced not to run for another presidency term. Hoover was naturally considered the presumptive Republican nominee for President. There was no great opposition, and he did not have to invest his time on campaigning to win the nomination. The election of 1928 went easy for him. The Democrat nominee was Al Smite, New York governor and a catholic. The country was not ready for a Catholic president. Hoover won 58% of the popular vote and 40 of the 48 states. He literally dominated the election. If I were a voter at the time, he would also vote for him without doubt. Simply, there were no better candidates who could beat over Hoover. He also did impressive public works for the government and citizens. In 1928, he deserved the result. During his presidency, he had plans for his administration. Among those plans, I believe the most successful one was building a dam in Boulder Canyon of the Colorado River, which is now called Hoover Dam. Besides this, there was nothing noticeable and effective accomplishment. I can see what he tried to do to get away from the Great Depression and to return the economy to the state before the market crash, but his actions were not smart and effective enough to save the economy. If I were a part of the society during his presidency, I would feel betrayed because, according

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